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UchiMata Instructional

UchiMata Instructional

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UCHI MATA is the bread-and-butter of Judo techniques. A difficult and beautiful throw to implement, and super effective on opponents across in the judo world and across many grappling disciplines. Competitors come from all corners of the marital arts world to learn this exact technique and now YOU can learn the proper application for YOURSELF form one of the greatest instructors out there. Not only that, this compact, easy and information dense instructional can be watched over and over to add nuances to the game that you wont find anywhere else. 


Just like his YouTube channel, this video cuts the fat of frivolous explanations that are only applicable to very unique circumstances. Instead, he presents you with a broad, proven and effective approaches that can be utilized across your entire judo system.

His in depth explanations remain tailored for the judoka interested in leveling up their game.


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